Daedalum at GDIF

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Daedalum at GDIF

Daedalum is an immersive architectural installation, a fantasia of domes and tunnels crafted by Alan Parkinson of Architects of Air. Using the natural light of the sun, the translucent plastic creates vibrantly coloured spaces. The abstract beauty of this installation is a piece of art that everyone can enjoy. The work is wheelchair accessible and, like everything at the festival, it's free to enter.

Other Greenwich+Docklands International Festival events in the Royal Docks:
Passenger, 26-29 June
Cristal Palace, 6 July

Part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019.

Time & date

Fri 21-Sun 23 June 2019


RAD London

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New Arrival


Royal Albert Dock

This new commercial heart for London will stretch from Royal Albert DLR almost as far as Cyprus.

Royal Albert Dock
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London Borough of Newham

The dockside HQ of Newham Council.

Royal Albert Dock
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Food & Drink


This Chinese restaurant occupies a floor of the London Regatta Centre overlooking the Docks, meaning diners can plane-watch over a plate of dim sum.

Royal Albert Dock
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