Have your say about the future of the Royal Docks


Have your say about the future of the Royal Docks

The Royal Docks team is organising a family-friendly event to convene diverse voices and opinions about the revitalisation of the area. This event is a response to groups, organisations and residents of diverse backgrounds who asked for a tailored event to share their views.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share their views on the changes happening in Royal Docks area, to network and have the option to take part in a free funding workshop, which is provided in response to demand.

The event is taking place on Saturday, 30 November, 11am to 2pm at Community Links, 105 Barking Road, E16 4HQ

It includes:

  • A free optional funding skills workshop
  • Entertainment for children
  • Free halal lunch

A prayer room will also be made available.

If you want to have your say on the future of the Royal Docks, you can register today.

Time & date

Saturday 30 November
11am - 2pm


Community Links


Free - registration required
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