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Isolation | Association

What happens when we strip someone of their context? Does it change who they really are, or just who we perceive them to be? Aidan Brooks and Sarah Lang are a photographer and artist, both working in studios at Royal Albert Wharf, who are hoping to draw attention to the growing art scene in the Royal Docks.


Over the first weekend, photographer Aidan Brooks will capture portraits of people from Royal Docks in his Corner Box, created specifically for this project. Corner Box is deliberately designed to separate the subjects from their lives — complete with prejudices and expectations — and environments, the visual clues we rely on that answer the question, ""Where does this person fit in society?"" By standing or sitting in the Corner Box, the subject is in isolation. All are welcome, and you will be gifted with a free copy of your photograph at the end of the project.


Led by artist Sarah Lang, five Corner Box portraits will be selected by five artists. They will then create a piece of work based on a narrative inspired by the isolated subject. These pieces of art, alongside the photographs, will be exhibited on the second weekend.

Isolation | Association

This exhibition is borne from the work in the previous two sessions. Will the artists’ narratives align with real life? Once people are isolated from their surroundings, are they gifted the freedom to reinvent themselves, as the artists have reinvented them? The results of this three-way collaboration, between subject, photographer, and artist, have been created by association.

To have your photo taken, you (or your parent or carer if you are under 18) will have to sign an image release form.

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Sat 31 Aug–Sun 1 Sept



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