Does Empathy Have Boundaries?

LFA 2019

Does Empathy Have Boundaries?

This exhibition presents materials from the first three months of Enni-Kukka Tuomala's Campaign for Empathy.

From her base in RAW Labs, this Finnish artist has been challenging Newham residents to consider each others’ perspectives through a series of public events, and to bridge the gaps between different members of the community.

As part of the campaign, Enni-Kukka has explored the power structures and hierarchies in Newham, one of London’s youngest and most diverse boroughs. The exhibition showcases outputs from her collaboration with local decision-makers and members of the community, presenting work such as empathy maps and empathy imprints for the first time.

Part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019. Photo: Lunes.

Time & date

Fri 7-Sun 16 June
7pm-10pm launch party (Fri 7 June)
11am-8pm daily thereafter


RAW Labs

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