LFA 2019


Thomas John Bacon - CHTHONIC

RAW labs presents the London born performance artist, Thomas John Bacon (TJB).

On the 21st June 2019 at 4:43am the sun will rise on the longest day of the year. A boundary of time on an intersection of elemental, geographic and psychogenic landscapes.

We will meet at 51.5050185, 0.0777211

A wasteland, where modernisation meets the industrial and natural land.

Where the Sun rises to purify through
and flame,
these destroyed joints and fragile Self/s.

Moving through the landscape,
binding the avulsions.

Never healed but somehow surviving. The performance will end as the Sun sets.

- The sun will rise again -

About the Artist:

TJB has been exhibiting work since 2001 and internationally since around 2009, particularly through UK, Europe and East-coast USA. Xe makes work that focuses upon the conception of the body, Being and the idea of a multiplicity of Self/s in performance. A practice that can be located within the framework of performance art and philosophical/phenomenological investigations that look to de/construct and challenge perception, alongside the assumed liminal barriers of body-based art. TJB is also artistic director of London’s Biennial of International Performance Art, Tempting Failure.

RAW labs will be open from 11am until 10pm serving refreshments.

Time & date

Fri 21 June


RAW Labs

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