The Living Wage accreditation: good for the community, better for business


The Living Wage accreditation: good for the community, better for business

The Royal Docks is proud to be one of the first areas in the country to become an accredited Living Wage Place.

Over 30 Royal Docks based employers, including ExCeL, London City Airport, Tate & Lyle Sugars and University of East London have signed up to become Living Wage accredited, demonstrating their commitment to paying a fair wage for all their employees, including those in their supply chains. Earlier last year, the Royal Docks received the 'Living Wage Places Champion' award in recognition of its outstanding efforts in expanding the number of Living Wage employers and facilitating pay rises in the local community.

The real Living Wage is the only independently calculated hourly rate that employees need to earn to be able to meet the cost of living. The current rates are £13.15 for London based employees and £12 for employees outside of London.

Employers in the Living Wage network have cited that the Living Wage accreditation has helped with recruitment and retention of staff and enhanced the reputation of their business.  

The Sunborn Hotel, picturesquely moored in Royal Victoria Dock, accredited as a Living Wage Employer last year. Andrea Barnabe, HR Manager at The Sunborn, explains why Living Wage accreditation is good for both their business and their employees.

Why did The Sunborn accredit as a Living Wage Employer?
We were already aligned with the London Living Wage’s principles, and we always updated our salaries following the guidelines. We thought that it was important to make it official and provide our team with certification indicating our commitment towards a fair pay structure.

How did you find the process to accredit? Did you face any challenges?
The Foundation accompanied us throughout the process; it was simple and straightforward. The day we received the accreditation was very positive: it felt like joining a great community and it made us proud. 

What does it mean for The Sunborn to accredit as a Living Wage Employer?
It is a commitment we make to our team and to the local community. The company aims to provide a good quality of life to the employees and to take ownership of their social responsibilities. Paying the real Living Wage means employees are earning enough to meet the cost of living and are happy in their roles.  

The hospitality sector has been known for low pay. As an employer in the sector, what advice would you give other employers in the sector looking to accredit?
Every venue is different. It is difficult to give general advice as the hospitality sector is very broad. I would say, if an organisation has the chance to get the accreditation, move forward and make sure your team is proud of it. Publicising it during recruitment process also helps as it shows potential applicants the organisation is committed to fair pay. 

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