Curator and Producer - Invitation to Tender   Royal Docks Originals 2024, Public Art Series

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Curator and Producer - Invitation to Tender Royal Docks Originals 2024, Public Art Series

Please download the full brief, which includes details on how to apply:

Curator and Producer Brief RDO 2024 [PDF 234kb]

The Royal Docks Team (RDT) is seeking a Curator and Producer* (individual or organisation) with specialism in commissioning, developing and delivering work in the public realm who have the capacity to deliver the full production requirements for a commissioned series of public art works in Royal Docks Originals 2024. These roles are referred to throughout the brief as ‘Curator and Producer’. The Curator and Producer will work collaboratively with the Royal Docks Team on all elements of the brief as a key part of the team delivering Royal Docks Originals 2024.

The Curator and Producer will deliver a series of up to four new, permanent or semi-permanent public art commissions in the Royal Victoria Dock West area, launching the works in the October 2024 edition of the Royal Docks Originals biennial festival. This brief covers the context, objectives, responsibilities and timescale for the commissions.

Deadline for submission: Thursday 21 September (by 6pm)

This Royal Docks Originals 2024 series will be led internally by two RDT Creative Producers (RDT Producers). The Curator and Producer will work with them to:

  1. Develop a commissioning structure and brief for up to four permanent or semi-permanent public art projects, to be launched in October 2024.
  2. Create an artist selection process that enables artistic quality and reflects RDT’s Cultural Placemaking Strategy through GLA procurement good practice.
  3. Work with the artists to realise their creative vision, support them to develop feasible project plans and create the artworks within the timescale.
  4. Produce the works into the public realm, including leading on planning permissions, structural considerations (as applicable), signage/invigilation boards, and long-term maintenance plans.

    The budget for commissions (incl. the Curator and Producer fee) is up to a maximum of £225,000.*

    About Royal Docks Originals 2024

    Royal Docks Originals 2024 is a brand new biennial festival of work made in the area with the primary intention of raising the profile of the area as a creative centre and supporting and foregrounding local artists. The festival will have an overarching theme related to the water of the Royal Docks; the concept of the theme will be developed in dialogue with the Curator and Producer during the first stage of this contract.

    Royal Docks Originals commissions, champions and showcases works, spaces, exhibitions and experiences from the most relevant and imaginative creatives, both from within the Royal Docks community and worldwide. As Royal Docks’ cluster of cultural organisations and creative practitioners grows, there is an energy and talent emerging locally that is positioned to explore and ignite the area, its industrial and manufacturing legacy, and the beating pulse of its future. For UK and international artists the Royal Docks is a launching point for work of scale, innovation and imagination. Royal Docks Originals creates an opportunity to promote the area internationally, and to explore ideas that reflect East London’s rich and diverse cultural positioning.

    *Please note we are seeking applications for artistic leadership of the public art series from organisations or individuals who have the capacity to also deliver the necessary production requirements. We are open to a range of approaches to meet the requirements of this brief.

    Deadline for submission: Thursday 21 September (by 6pm)

    If you have any questions, access requirements, or would like to discuss this tender please contact:

    Alex Jamieson

    Lucy Loveday

    Here is a document of questions we have received during the tender process, along with the answers provided – this document will be updated periodically.