Queens’ Roar Exhibition

Queens’ Roar Exhibition

An exhibition of photographs by Sylvie Belbouab celebrating women and girl football communities across Newham.

As the final of the UEFA Women’s EURO took place in London in July 2022, a new cultural project Queens’ Roar! celebrated local women and girls’ football. Inspired by the vibrant culture and rich footballing heritage of Newham’s Green Street, Queens’ Roar! brought together communities and creatives from Green Street, the Royal Docks and the wider London area, to explore what women’s football means to Newham and to celebrate local women, girls and non-binary football players, the fans, school children and creative talent in the area. Photographer Sylvie Belbouab documented the project, including a football tournament of Newham women’s teams in Central Park. In addition to the portraiture, Queens’ Roar! included a co-designed and bespoke music track, football kit, dance performance and film, Versus Or.

About Sylvie Belbouab

Sylvie is a social-documentary photographer based in Newham. Inspired by humanist photographers, her work documents and celebrates her local community. You can find her photography at: @gbs10_portrait

Commissioned and produced by the Royal Docks Team

Time & date

24th November to April 2023


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