Newham for Empathy: A Public Artwork

Join the Docks

Newham for Empathy: A Public Artwork

Take part in a large public artwork live on location in the Royal Docks. For one week in July, a group of four young local volunteers from the HeadStart programme will stage a piece as a part of artist Enni-Kukka Tuomala’s ongoing Campaign for Empathy.

To get involved, follow @akin.kollektiv on Instagram for daily updates on where the artist will be from 10am–12:30pm each day.

Alternatively, pop by the Campaign for Empathy HQ at RAW Labs for a free cup of tea and a chat whilst the artist and her team make the piece from 2pm–5pm.

This event is fully accessible.

Time & date

Mon 29 July–Fri 2 August


Around the docks (morning) and RAW Labs (afternoon)



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